Monday, 14 April 2008


If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything.
-Robin ANTM ( Cycle 1)

What do I possess that stands out?

Seriously, I don't know.

Confessions by Chi Yeol.

What happens now?
ottohke hal-kkayo
What should I do?
kamhi jega-kamhi kunyo-rul
Fearlessly, withouth hesitation...
I love her
choyonghi na jucha
Quietly, even I...
na juchado mo-ru-ge
Even I don't know

ijun chok sanda-nun kon
Pretending I've forgotten
sarado chugun gomnida
Even though I live, I die
sesange binando
Even the world's condemnation
michyobo-il mo-seub-do
Even this crazed appearance
modu da alji-man kuge duryo-jiman
Even knowing all this, even though it frightens me
I love you...

(Chorus x2)
odiye innayo
Where are you?
je yae-gi jongmal turrishinayo
Can you really hear my words?
kurom pi hallinun kayomsun che sarangul
Then this the blood that spills from my pitiful love
algo kyoshin-gayo
You must know this too...
yoso-hae juseyo
Please forgive me...
bol ha-shindamyon cho badul-kkeyo
If you punish me, I'll accept it
hona konyomanun jege kunyo hanaman
But her... just this one person
Please allow me to love...

Emotions gush out of me whenever this song is played. Heart it ALOT.

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