Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Wednesday yo

My flight to BKK is officially booked last night. The hotel Louis picked for us sounds pretty awesome. MANHATTAN Hotel. =) He said this hotel can be found on the map unlike those cheap "unseen-on-maps" ulu Thailand hotels. Perfect deal eh. $42/night. YAY.

Now, I need a HUGE luggage. Preferbly something PINK(duh). If you guys had not known yet, this will be my virgin trip(more like first time on a plane) with my friends. So glad it's with darling Bestie. But definitely more trips coming up! Maybe Krabi in June with Bunchie. Phoebe was thinking of Aussie during winter. Or maybe Bintan since our last trip to Batam wasn't quite a successful one.

Anyhow, I'm excited. hehe.


I'm currently worrying over another issue though. I managed to search through many days of classified ads and found the NEAR PERFECT job for me. But, I've not send in my full detailed resume yet. The job advertisement is already nicely cut out from Saturday's classified and I've got NO IDEA why the sudden procrastination. Maybe because I want this job so badly that I'm actually afraid I'll not be selected. Fear of rejection. But I'll try. I need to draft out an impressive yet less intimidating cover letter.



Ever since I purposely skipped watching Ratatouille last year, I realised I've been missing out on a lot of fantastic movies! Maybe I should put my Video Ezy member card to use and start on a 'DVD weekend getaway'. My house is usually empty come weekends and it's gonna be great chilling out on my comfy Ikea armchair(with my favourite cashew nuts) and make full use of my dad's BOSE surround system. HA HA HA. I shall do just that.


I MISS BLADING with PINKIE~!!! I miss the feeling of gliding on the roads. We are going to our usual hangout this weekend to check on the the new "playground"/bio shuai ge. wahahhaha. Long Live the ECP gang~!


Period is CRAP this month. Sufferring from "over-bloatedness" and extreme mood swings. Hormones are in a rage. argh. PMS.


I stay wrecked and jealous for this,
for this simple reason
I just need to keep you in mind
as something larger than life

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