Thursday, 20 November 2008

Mid-week Indulgence.

Wednesday : Gai-gai (hang out) with Huixin. Decided to be naughty and not dutifully go back to work after attending a course. Well, it's not everyday that we get to go off at 3pm.


CUTE CAN. hahaha!! Don't you just wanna grin like them??

Spotted at Citylink. Me loves artsy-fartsy.

Post-it galore.

A MUST HAVE. Honey+Butter Waffle. Wayyy beyond yummylicious. $2.50 only!!

My squeezing buddy.

Got the cafe waitress to paste it neatly beside some "AIA decorated ones". Merely goofing around. Oops! no pun intended.

Red+Black = DBS(eeeeee. so corny)

The actual mini indulgence of the day.


Video of the day

Not really a fan of Reggae but this song got me hooked and made it to my ipod's repeat list for a week!
Clubbing? Anyone?

(my fav part of the song at 0:48)
You want this don't front qué qué qué pasa
Speak up cuál es la cosa
Ven aquí let's get closer and closer
I say no-oh-oh
If you wanna take it slow-oh-oh
Catch up well now let's go-oh-oh
Together we run the show-oh-oh

- Run the Show by Kat Deluma ft.Busta Rhymes

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