Thursday, 7 August 2008

On Men (Part I)

I am so disgusted with a recent sms spat with a friend.

Initially, the sms started off as "hey how are you doing?" blah blah.

Then,the friend asked me if I was free to hang out and do photo shooting with him. I did mention to him previously that I would love to go around Singapore and capture great shots.

After a few texts about great places to go shooting, out of the blue, he asked about my current status and I told him that I am contented with what I have now. Then, he said "So now that you are single, do I stand a chance?"

Upon reading that sms, I fired him back and said, "huh?? I thought you are attached? why the hell did you ask that?"

He then confessed that he was currently having relationship problems with his current girlfriend. He even bitched that once a woman gets too demanding, things get out of hand.

I mean seriously, why do men love to run away from their soured relationship and start finding a replacement? Is it so hard to mend things up or do they get sick and tired easily? And in that friend's case, we are talking about a 3 year relationship can! Imagine how heart-broken the other party will feel when she finds out that her guy is saying all these stuffs behind her back.

Naturally, I got pissed with his nonsense and shot him back with a long text on the above. He even had the audacity to reply this : "Relax sweetheart, I just wanted to know if I still have a chance with you..."

By the way, I just checked his facebook profile status and it shows that he is still attached!!!

What the fuck. I cannot believe this had to happen to me the second time with the same guy and yes, the same girlfriend.


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