Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Shout out to all the fashionistas out there!

Seriously, I wonder who pops by my blog regularly... but looking at the number of anonymous hits per day, I am still quite eligible to do mini-advertising. ( wah lao Diana... thick-skinned )

Hee hee.

Okay. Here goes. (:

Brought to you by Theodora and her little sister Vanessa, Sunday Laundry showcases their love for chic stuffs and a chance for you to take a little peek into their passion for fashion.

Their first collection is finally out thus here am I spreading the good news!

So do me a little favour, make your way to their humble little pretty online store and start shopping! Their clothes are limited in pieces, so HURRY!!!

Also, spread the word around and do add them to your mailing list for their upcoming new collection.

Add some colours to your wardrobe with a touch from thesundaylaundrypeople.

**Sunday Laundry**

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