Thursday, 8 May 2008

Updates on moi.

Been pretty busy at work these few days but I'm slowly adapting to the fast paced environment here.

I love that I get to socialize and speak to people of different nationality and race. I've got this new Aussie colleague(a lovely nurse) and she was telling me about her decision to come to Sg to work. A good thing is that her partner got posted here as well, so that makes it not so lonely for her here in this foreign place. I was getting to know more about her and Australia over lunch earlier and she told me that men in Aussie are "categorized". It's interesting to know a little about the Aussie lifestyle. She said she spent her childhood days at the countryside so she rode horses as a form of transport to get to school every morning. I wonder do the schools have like a "Horse Park". HA HA. HOW MANY OF US GETS TO RIDE ON A HORSE? SO COOL RIGHT!!!

Yup, anyway, I told her that I'd bring her around sunny island and help her blend in the Sg culture. We're planning to hang out real soon!

I'm doing good so far. A pity the new colleague who came in with me decides to resign abruptly. She's gonna leave me to be a potential loner... but, I think I'll bond with the rest in no time.

I am bubbly enough, ain't I? =)

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