Monday, 14 January 2008

Rainy Monday.

6 more days to-officially getting a year older.


Honestly, I do not feel as youthful as before. Turning 23 is almost like being 17. At 17, you feel a sense of maturity over your Sec 4 friends, yet, still very much a teenager hoping to fast forward to legal 18. But when the BIG 2 steps into your life, confusion starts again. Should I continue behaving like a teenager? dress like a teenager? Or should I start acting all grown up since I'm gonna be an adult soon.

I wished I stayed forever 21. The best age. Don't you agree? They say age catches up with you once you reach your twenties. I was thinking about that recently and came up with a conclusion or should I say consolation. When we were in our teens, our lives revolved around our studies, friends, idols, hanging out after school,BGR,TV etc. Time didn't seem to fly. But as 21 approached us, we start hogging our minds about our future, getting the damn degree, being a working individual, financial stuffs, panicking over finding a good stable guy, adult acne aka 2nd stage of puberty(damn it. yes I have huge pimples on my face now.), career etc. With all these added responsibilities, made us feel as if we were running short of time to acheive everything in life. And now, 23, even worse...2 more years to stepping into the much hated adult mid-life crisis at 25. Argh.

So, let us all embrace our age. Screw the passe 'a woman's age is always kept a secret' phrase. What matters is how well you lived your life and not the number of candles on your birthday cake.

Anyway, I was thinking of having a party to celebrate me getting old. I had the guest list drawn up in dec last year, thought of the perfect theme, scouted for a birthday cake, looked around for the best venue etc. But as 2008 began, I lost the zest and found it pretty pointless to make a big hoo-ha over my 23rd. haha. I gave myself an excuse of not being able to entertain all my friends fairly so thus, the bash is scrapped. Whatsoever, I'm anticipating for this upcoming weekend. I don't need any fancy birthday- themed party or expensive gifts. Just a yummy birthday cake with the company of my loveliest friends will be perfect.

But but,

Maybe this limited CNY edition Swatch watch would be nice.

Mummy~!!! I WANT! hahahahaha.



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