Friday, 28 September 2007

TGIF again.

Thank God It's Friday.

Woot! Friday. *happy* It's so hard to survive 5 full days at boring work. Besides randomly surfing eBay, blogging, my only form of entertainment would be Perfect10(currently crazy over all the duets by Zac Effron and Vanessa Hudgens). I'm glad the morning show's hosted by Dan&Young. After the infamous FHM girls 'take-off-bra' hoo-ha, I don't really like Muttons anymore. oh well. That aside, I WANT TO GO FOR THE SUBARU IMPREZA CHALLENGE!!! Naive I may be, I always thought it was just a game of sole perseverance both mentally and physically. Until, I went to check out on the R&R at the official *webby. Rules include a 5min break ONLY every 6hrs, no food no water during the challenge, no contact with family member, yes and NO SLEEP. Kevin was telling me that you might have hallucination without sleep and the harsh weather might drain your determination as well. Not easy eh. Still, if any one's interested, tune it to our local radio station Gold 90.5FM, Class 95FM or 987FM and be a lucky caller to get yourself in the list of 1,200 participants whereby they'll pick 380 via a lucky draw to compete. Should I try my luck? =p

I realised I have been really "nua-ish" lately. I countdown to heeding home on days when there's no classes. Ya ya, I hear shouts of me being called a loner/loserish/pathetic/out of love. Whatever. First things first, hanging out requires $$$. I'm saving up for my new school term and possibly a holiday with the bunch end of the year. As for retail therapy, I haven't physically done that yet due to the "lack of motivation" to get my ass in town. ORCHARD ROAD IS BORING CAN. The stuffs I browse online are so much prettier and unique(and no, I'm not gonna max out out my clear card.) I don't spend frivolously like how I used to, and now, all I want is to get home and enjoy a simple home cooked meal+sinful TV. I spent my teenage years and the beginning of adulthood hanging out almost everyday and realized I have not been having good solid 'meme' time. Now I know what Shifu means when he said work and school is droning him so much so that he doesn't even have time for himself. Not to mention that he has not popped the girlfriend question yet to that lovely girl of his. Well, there are pros and cons la huh whether being happily single or blissfully attached. I'm not intending to compare and contraste here because either way, my personal opinion is open to controversy and I refuse another tagboard war. I would just say it's only a matter of how well you manage your time. yup.

So...despite being terribly busy, do heed home early once in a while. Trust me, to enjoy a warm shower after a hard day at work top up with a choc cake or a cup of hot tea infront of the TV or your laptop at 9pm is an ultimate indulgence. Who is duly home at 9pm now that our lives are so bloody hectic?

Because I'm home early yesterday, I had time to read the papers,cook some tangyuan and clean Peach's cage. Peach is ULTRA hyper. He worships the wheel in the cage. Yup he's rather fat and big now at times I'm afraid to pick him up just in case he bites. Nevertheless, I'm such a sweet owner(lol.) I got him this higher grade pet food which prevents pee stink. Works wonders I tell you. =)

Peach's daily indulgence.

Ok,got to get back to work now. grrr.

Have a fabulous "meme" weekend lovelies. =)

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