Friday, 14 September 2007

bah bah black sheep

This week is C-R-A-P.

Ipod Touch anyone?

CoOOoooL right? And yes I need a new ipod. My pink mini's outdated because even my sis owns a 80G ipod-vid . Reviews stated that it's more feasible to get the iphone instead. year than say.


I am sprouting rashes on my thighs, having a headache, my mouth is sore,feeling nausea and my tummy aches.

Great. I went on the net to check up on the antibiotics(Alprim) the dermatologist prescribed. True enough,I think I am experiencing the side effects. Called up the clinic and was told to stop taking the medicine and monitor the rashes.

one of the sub ingredients : LACTOSE.

I can't take milk as milk. I will puke. Ironically, I enjoy MOS burger's strawberry milkshake and Teh-ping.

For the first time, I am having a drug allergy.

This is no good.

  • I've got a test tomorrow morning.
  • Class in the afternoon.
  • A trip to Ryan's place after class to test out on our waffle machine.
  • Dr. Cecilia's Hen night on Sunday evening.

Please take the rash and all the funny symptoms away.

I met Yihong(ex sec sch classmate) in school. He was telling me I could actually skip advanced dip to go straight to degree provided I impress them with my resume and working experiences. I am considering that option but I have another plan which I am unsure if it'll work. Told a few good friends about it and they were extremely supportive. Well, we shall see.

And yes, I almost screwed up my presentation last night. Was introducing the games aspect of the Sony PSP and how it's portability made it all the more pleasurable for hardcore gamers. I was really nervous my hands were shaking while trying to act professional because it was a mock press conference and obviously we were graded. Stuttered at the end when I had to say something to allow the media to shoot questions to the board of committee. The words just couldn't come out from my mouth and luckily Jason covered up for me. Nearly died la ok.

I lost my appetite for food. Everytime I start fasting I diet at the same time. Ate only sandwiches in the morning and am not hungry now.


Warning : Ignore the following if you know nuts about hokkien.

"email conference" again with Shifu and Kevin. It's Kevin's last day today and they had lunch at Waraku.

shifu : "$20 eat until full full....ahahahaa!"
nivek: "the scallop is good!"
shifu : "jia pa ai koon liao........" (full already feel like sleeping)
nivek: "Koon lor... hahaha" (sleep lor)
shifu : "wa ai koon BUT buay sai koon..... bo loui ai zou gang....." (i want to sleep but can't sleep, no money so need to work)
me : "den mai koon. mai zou gang. tio fire ho sey lor. gong simi jiao wei pun buay sai liao. Master sibei kiang. mai siao siao" ( then dun sleep and work. if kena fire, say anything also no use. Master(boss) very power. dun play play)
shifu : "yi jiao wei gong buay ting A. simi LJ mah wu mi kia gong.... " ( he talks alot of rubbish and anything under the sun he also got comments)
nivek: "diam diam la...."

WAHAHHAHAHA. Just for laughs la.

This is how we pass our time at work. I know it's lame. And our conversations are full of singlish and hokkien and whatnots. But at times, it's this kind of corny entertainment that makes me smile when I have a rough day. I just basically "reply to all" and type "wah lao... today is a sian day lahhhhh. I got pimples ALL OVER." The next minute or so, we'll start crapping.


Had a good sleep last night because I dreamt of nothing.

It's not real, it's not right
It's my day, it's my night
- Hillary Duff

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