Wednesday, 29 August 2007

more blah blahs.

More blah blahs.

I love my new layout(kudos to the designer). Pretty and simple. The fonts are bigger. So when I bitch, you guys can read my nasty remarks without having to squint your eyes.

Did anyone catch the lunar eclipse yesterday? I doubt as there were heavy clouds around and from what I wiki-ed, South Asia missed it completely. Read : Lunar eclipse.I still remember when I was in Primary 4 (can’t recall which date), everyone was so hyped up about the eclipse that year. Me and my friend actually went to fill a pail of basin with water and placed it on the field. It was one of those tiny science experiment that us as kids love. Haha. The next “blood moon” will occur on June 16th 2011. That’s like 4 years later and I shall try to remember this date.

I’m basically blogging randomly about almost anything. Please bear with my inconsistency.

Yes, my poor body is not in a good shape ever since the high fever last week. I have a serious outbreak of pimples and my hair is falling. My body seems to be rejecting my soul. It refuses to recover. Now I go to work with my fringe tied up with zero make-up to allow my face to breathe. I have a feeling it’s skin allergy caused by a certain cosmetic brand but I can’t figure out which brand is it. Either that or it’s due to the lack of sleep and H20. Dieting is working well but I googled and found out that it might cause my hormones to get confused thus the dropping of hair and sudden outbreak. So, I’m back to being the ugly fat duckling.

I love how my lappie takes excellent pics :

The unglam me.

Friends complimented on my sister’s beauty.

Copy Peach.

My hair’s too long.

I want to visit Color Bar soon.

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