Thursday, 30 August 2007

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Thursdays bitching with Me.

Stupid Taxi driver- SHA1699H. I missed my usual bus this morning and had no choice but to cab down to Serangoon mrt. Hopped on a cab(which was changing shift), and started a horrifying journey with a stranger.

me(in a nice tone) : "uncle, please make a U-turn thanks"

(the reason why I requested this was because some kuku taxi drivers DO NOT KNOW that Serangoon mrt was in the other way and they will drive all the way straight down and that will result in a waste of time and money. So, in order to play safe, I tell that to every driver.)

taxi driver(agitated) : "get down of the taxi now.Here how to U-turn!? Don't teach me what to do ok? I am the driver."

Like what the HELL? I merely just asked for him to U-turn just in case he might go the other long way to the mrt. No seriously, does telling him to do that denotes in any instant in which I am doubting his years of driving experience?

I kept quiet during the whole journey and thought of something nasty to irritate him. I took down his taxi plate number and vow to lodge a complain to Comfort.

I was very evil lah huh. I've got cash in my wallet but I decide to pay using card which irritated him just as what I expected.

me : "you can stop me anywhere here. I use card. NETS."
taxi driver(tsk-ing away) :"I never on my machine you know!"
me : "then how? I no cash."
taxi driver(pissed) :"cannot NETS. In the first place you should have told me you use card!"
me : "no NETS than Masters lor."

Before I left the cab, I bluntly said that he was rude.

WOAH. I know I shouldn't be so bad to him because he's earning a living. Yes yes and I must think that he needs to support his family and what nots. That attitude is wayyyy too horrible. But, I dropped the idea of complaining in the end.


A bus incident on the way home yesterday.

Guy : "you heard of ACS?"
Girl : "ermm.. yah."
Guy : "lots of people say ACS boys cannot be compared to RI boys cause they don't possess the charm that RI boys have."
Girl : "is it? haha."
Guy(confidently) : "yes.that's why I'm an RI boy."

I looked up immediately at the guy.

OMG. *faints*

's finally the 30th. but i know you'll never ask.

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