Thursday, 8 January 2009

A Stupid Period Day. Period.

I hate menses. I'd turn into some crazy bitch complete with horrendous moodswings. Screamed at basically any little thing that pisses me off. And this month's pretty bad because I was so fuming mad at 'I-forgot-what-was-I-angry-about' that the aftermath of me raising my voice was me ending up in tears.

Had super bad cramps after lunch just now. I really didn't want to take any MC coz of cramps but I was turning pale and nausea so I was out of office at 3pm.

I like being at home at this time of the day because I have the whole house to myself and I enjoy the privacy. I can couch in front of the TV in my ugly, holey, big tee with my messy hair and orange specs, chill out comfortably and heck the world. I can sit anyhow I like, switch channels as and when I prefer, play with my hair or even dig my nose if I have to(haha).

Don't you agree?

I can already picture how my own house will look like when I eventually settle down and start having a family. My house must have a family entertainment corner, a chic kitchen(MUST MUST MUST have a humongous fridge, and definitely if I can afford, a kickass walk-in wardrobe(specially designed to store bags and shoes) just like the one in the movie Sex and The City.

Am I dreaming or what?


Anyway, I'm still pretty vexed out now(raging hormones) because I heard a song by a band over the radio earlier when I was waiting to see the doctor and I only caught a few words of the song because two stupid aunties were yakking so loudly beside me. Ya, they were there to see the doctor. Sick and yet the mouth still have the energy to gossip. Yes and I am pissed because I couldn't catch more of the lyrics(thanks to them) and google is not being friendly today.

Before I continue to blog nonsense(the paragraphs totally do not link. LOL), think I shall go and take a little siesta.

Till then. =)

p/s : I'm actually very excited to post up this song that I LOVE LOVE LOVE... but only after I purchase the soundtrack and confirm the title. =)

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