Friday, 7 November 2008


I was searching for a link on gmail and chanced upon this :

*names and certain content censored.

boy: 1 million or me
girl: you definitely.w/o hesitation
boy: gei gei. 1 billion or me
girl: YOU
boy : 13.6 billion or me
girl: you are priceless. why would i want to take 13.6 billion instead of u? u mean the world to me. i can live w/o millions of dollars.. but i cannot live w/o u
boy : 13.6 billion u oso dun wan crazy AHAHAH
boy: i take both
girl: i not so greedy. i cant believe i am compared with money. if someone gives u 10 million to exchange for me.. will you?
boy: no la goodness. if u asked 50million and u i take both la ahahah
girl : ok 1 million or me. someone gives u 1 million + a gallardo to exchange for me, cash cheq print out liao. gallardo keys on ur hand infront of you. me beside you. just give me to the guy and u'll get the rest. no strings attached.
boy : dun wan i rather ******* den i ******* gallardo. i dun think tt will be much a a temptation. goodnes by 30 i'll have 1 million, pink gallardo n YOU!!
girl : 10 billion + 1 gallardo + 1 porshce + 1 red hot ferrari + a Mansion + access to all the TOP CHIC place in sg FREE + bodyguards + an artiste contract + girls ************************ to exchange for me for just one day... but u will not know wat happen to me during that 24hrs.The next day i'm back to you. how?
boy : i'll get e 10 billion pay e body guards to kill whoever take u n bring u back to me..yup goodness i cant even leave u for 5 mins how u expect me to live for 24hrs?
girl : no the contract states that u are not able to know wat happens to me during that 24hrs. and u will only get everything after 24hrs. u will have all of the abv + me after 24hrs
boy : dun wan la. by 35 i have 10 billion liao tons of ********* and YOU see? all in 1 hhaha
boy :oi stop it la
girl : i just want to know if u will give me up for anything in the world... i just want to know if i'm the most important person
boy : u r wad
me: not convincing enuff. haiz forget it.
boy : ok picture this
i like money (but i give up money to make u happy)
i like gallardo (but petrol will kill, den must buy alot of clothes to pei, den must upgrade house to protect car, ******* would do fine, cos still *******************)
girl : but wat if u nv met me..
boy : i give up my health, time, face, for u
girl : and someone gives u everything.. and in ur whole life u will never meet me
boy : i'll give up everything to see u for 5 mins if i cant get any more chances
by asking me that u r defying fate...if im fated to meet u den so be
girl : i'm just trying to say that wat if u can have anything in the world.. but in ur whole life.. u can never meet me.. but u know that there will be a chance to meet me
boy : u noe wad? shut up. i love u can liao
girl : i love you too

Moral of the Story?

Humans and temptations comes in a package.

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