Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Tuesday = 3 more days left to Saturday.

Work's been pretty mind bogging. I am quite messed up with all the new info squeezing into my "grey storage space" every single minute. The working environment here is highly fast-paced with little time to even take a break. Which is good of course. That'll make me work proper and not result in slacking tactics. But I still wanna go back to school (duh).

I'm still under going training. And what's there to learn? You asked. A whole list of medical terminalogy, logistics, system learning, transmission of cases etc. Every morning I have to sit in with the doctors and nurses, the Medical Director and the Operation Manager. It's like a meeting but I have to report my cases to them infront of all the seniors and my direct supervisor. The whole senario is just like the english drama - ER.


Stepping into the office everyday is like going to a workforce battle. I prep myself with "armours" and "weapons"...iron my clothes the night before, pack my bag (FYI, I change my bag everyday. Vain la. haha) and file my notes. I think this bloody job made me serious not only about my overall personal self.. the working environment kinda changed me for the better. I began to be conscious on not only my physical appearance to work ( bo pian. CBD area) but also improve my incapability on time management. For the record, I have been AWESOMELY punctual. Actually, I have to thank the ex who constantly drilled his "no lateness" quality inside my head. Oh, jia you for the exams :)

p/s: To my friends, give me grace lah hor when we hang out during my off days. hee. *grinz*

It is challenging and fun lah... sometimes you get to hear the doctor's advice to a patient and you get to do cases which involves sending an air ambulance to any part of the world for USD27,000 (hur hur. hell ex).

Ok, enough of ranting over work for the day. I can't wait for LABOUR DAY! Might have some plans with bunchie.


Need to get back to my medical cases. Lazy to check for grammatical errors.

Later. =)


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