Friday, 23 November 2007

Human. Superficial?

Men have never been anything other than visual creatures. And women, just like men are social creatures too. I mean, you wouldn't want to actually date someone who's not aesthetically pleasing even though you might find him/her attractive in some other ways right?

It's the age old debate of whether looks are secondary or not. And don't freaking tell me character ranks first above looks because I'd most probably laugh right at your face and point you-BLUFF. After living on this materialistic/superficial era for the past 22 years, I'd darely proclaim that the world is a BITCH.

How many of you out there deny a person on the first impression because of their looks. Everyone. Handsdown. Even if you were the ugliest person on earth, you would still have some sort of an expectation. It's still up to date quite unexplainable this visual communication thingy. Try selling a magazine with the front cover splashed with a not so pretty average model. Tell me, who will buy the magazine? Which is why till now, I still have not seen any local/foreign magazine featuring plus size models. They might do it for one issue, but in the long run it is gonna affect their sales. And why? Because Human love anything pretty. It's the same everywhere. A pretty graduate and an average Jane who got her honours, both went for the same interview and both submitted impressive resumes. There is no need to spell out who got the job. DUH.

WHY WHY WHY? Why do we need to please the human eye by appearing as beautiful? Crappy old saying that Beauty is only skin deep. So not true! BUSTED.

Anyway, the reason why I am at this topic was because of my Mum and a recent newspaper article. This UK couple's migration plans was rejected by immigration officials in New Zealand because.... THEY WERE TOO FAT! What the officials said was that them being obese will put a strain to their health resources. And the couple had no choice but to work on their BMI! Read the full story here.

And what has my mum got to do with it? As usual lah, she was nagging at my atrocious huge waist and elephant thighs. She wants me to be pretty.

Mum : "Diana... you only got 5 more years to be pretty and slim... by the time you are reaching your late 20s who want to look at you somemore?"
Me : "I so fat meh?"
Mum : "Stop thinking that you are not fat! I give birth to you.. so pretty.. last time so slim.. now you don't even love your own body!!!"
Me : "...................."

That few comments kinda hit me though. Which explains my sudden enthusiasm to go jogging and eat healthily. True isn't it? I've only got 5 years max to look chio and if I'm not gonna watch my weight right now, wait till when I'm 30? Hell no.

Well, you'll see the change. Soon really. It's gonna be the-SEXY-23 yr old blogging in a few months time.

It's Finally Friday~! REJOICE.

I had a tiring and stressful week. But definitely a fruitful one! Met up with lovely Theowee and Lei at our usual place-Vivo. My upcoming weekend is even more happening!!! Ryan's BBQ party tomorrow : Hangout at Mt.Emily ( I heard the hotel's rooftop has an amazing ambience). Woo woot!! Exciting. I love to check out new places in tiny Singapore. You never know when you will bump into an ulu cafe in the middle of no where which serves the best seafood soup or mouth-watering desserts ( Ok, I was referring to Mr Bean's at Selegie Road. They serve the best seafood soup. YUMMY. ) I should start blogging about those fancy places I've made merry at.

Oh yes,

To all the ladies who keeps complaining about their flabs and to all the men in need of some ego boost about their built : Make full use of this weekend and engage in some healthy activities. No jogging partner? Fret not. Try climbing your HDB stairs... or maybe do some sit ups at the comfort of your own home... or you can start by going for a 3 day detox! Drink plenty of water and munch on more vegetables. Oh oh, and weekends doesn't mean more partying and "later late nights" ya.


p/s : Cam-whoring,Enchanted and Xin Wang with Bestie later. CAN'T WAIT! =)

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