Tuesday, 7 August 2007


seriously, whatever.

I've had enough of all the tags and people whom I don't even know tagging my board leaving cruel remarks.

you know what?

Just say whatever you want to say. I'm a bitch/slut/whore/fat/loser. Yes. By all means, go ahead ok. If you think unkind words can turn my life into hell, then continue to stay in that delusional world of yours. If my blog is so fucked up that everytime you come here, you just feel like scolding me or kill me, then I would suggest that you just don't read! What for waste time typing in my long blog address just to puke at your computer screen at my unentertaining entries? It's pretty simple this whole blogging thing. I am just a normal girl. I am not an angel. I cannot please the whole damn world. Some of you hate me, some of you neutral, some of you nice. I can't possibly change my character to suit to your liking right?


I give up.

Flame me all you want. Because at the end of the day, the one feeling the most miserable and sad, is not me. It's YOU.


Was on the way to work... and saw many NUS students in the t-shirt of my favourite colour. I wonder where will you be today...

Somehow I feel this lucky number 7 is not that lucky afterall. I passed by a major car accident at the cross junction at harbourfront earlier. The car literally skidded off the road and crashed right into the thick wall. The front of the car was smashed. I can't help but continueously pray that whenever you drive, please please drive carefully. It was so upsetting looking at the accident that my heart cringed and my tears just fell.

I wonder when will I ever stop crying...

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